I asked three guys and three gals who know me well to summarise my personality in 50 words. Here's what they wrote:

"Gracious and calm, she'll put you at ease
Honest and wise, she won't lie just to please
But oh, beware her wicked humour
That can sneak up behind you and tickle you over
Where there is a problem she'll find the solution
Without screaming or shouting or adding confusion
stylish, smart and free in her reasons
Heather's a flower that's always in season"

Lorna Brown
Actress, Singer and Songwriter (and my sister!)

"What first attracted me to Heather was her sublimely tasteful dress sense. And that’s important, of course. But what’s much more important is that she is an incredibly warm and considerate person – the people in her life really matter to her, making her a devoted and caring friend. And then there’s that wicked sense of humour of hers…"

Paul Dykes
Web Editor, Skillset

"Heather is one of the nicest people I know. She is caring, supportive
and extremely loyal. Her tact and diplomacy skills are legendary and
she is always the first to listen, lend a hand or give someone a boost
when needed. Her sense of humour is a delight!"

Bindi Binning
Director of Operations, Emap

"Heather is a much loved and respected friend who I have known for over 10 years. She is a fantastic person with unquestionable integrity and is utterly dependable: she always does what she says she will. She is cultured, clear thinking, intelligent, gives sound advice and is one of the most empathetic people I know."

Albi Gravener

"I have always admired Heather's wisdom, her 'wicked' sense of humour and immaculate sense of style. During the many years that I have known her, Heather has been my friend, my mentor and an inspiration. I consider myself lucky to have met her, and look forward to many more years of friendship."

Lucy Edematie
Deputy Head Teacher

"Heather is one of the hardest working people I know, always setting herself the highest standards and a real stickler for detail. She's also good-humoured and loving, and always there when her friends need her. And she's got such style, and sings like an angel..."

Brendan O'Connor



07930 400 720


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