The myfilms (unlogged in) homepage was divided into two main sections. The top section was for finding films, registering and viewing trailers. The bottom section encouraged users to rate films, read and write comments or reviews, and enter offers.
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  Me & My Friends
This section was for users and their friends. It comprised personal info such as each user's profile, as well as their film wishlist, ratings, top 10 films and favourite cinemas. Users could find and add friends to their page, share wishlists and exchange views on films.
  Film Information Page
Every film had its own page containing a synopsis, key details, a cinema finder and links to external reviews (published just before release). Registered users could add any film to their wishlist to receive weekly email alerts with local screening venues and times.
This section gave cinemas, distributors, organisations and community groups the opportunity to promote film-related events open to the public. It showcased festivals, preview screenings, award shows, Q&As, masterclasses and special one-off events.
  Weekly Newsletter – 4 July 08
I researched and wrote the weekly newsletter, which included highlights from the movie news of the week, synopses of new releases and trailers, promotions and my 'Editor's Choice' movie. This issue's standout film was Thomas McCarthy's The Visitor.
  Weekly Newsletter 13 June 08
In this issue: The Incredible Hulk dispels the myth of the jolly green giant; Keira Knightley might be noble but she's 'so passé' in The Duchess; and In Search of a Midnight Kiss reveals that romantic pairings on New Year's Eve aren't always black & white.
  Weekly Newsletter 30 May 08
In this issue: war is never a laughing matter, but California Dreamin' conquers with its black humour; Clint Eastwood and co get a High Definition facelift in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; and the BFi rekindles the classic French love triangle Jules et Jim.
  iGoogle Widget
iGoogle users would add the myfilms widget to their customised home pages to get information and reviews on the latest cinema releases and to view movie trailers.
  Screening Alerter
This was a custom-made widget which sat on film/distributor websites and allowed users to enter their email address and postcode to find out where a particular film was screening.

Free Screenings Page
myfilms ran a number of promotions with newspapers such as The Evening Standard. This promotion gave 200 Evening Standard Eros card holders the chance to see a film for free.


  SEO - Reciprocal Links
It was important to optimise the myfilms site for search engines and to ensure that we had a high ranking on Google. So I managed our reciprocal links project, exhanging links with partner agencies and organisations.

In order to maximise SEO, each link had to be individually crafted with a different keyword description and alt text.
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If you were asked to name a famous American jazz trumpeter and singer

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  The Escapist (cast interview)
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  New British Talent
Most new filmmakers have to draw on their creative and practical energies...

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  Funny Games
Michael Haneke certainly likes to provoke polemic around his work...

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If you see the poster for Juno without knowing anything about the film...

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