Companies: Lycee Albert Camus (Paris); Friars Gate Farm Equestrian and Language School; Leicester Square School of English; Hampstead School of English; College of North West London
Position: English Language Teacher
Dates: Sep 1992 – Oct 1995
Project: Teaching English as a foreign language to children, teenagers and adults
Background: During my academic year abroad (1992-3), I worked in a secondary school teaching 11 to 21-year-olds English. After graduating in 1994, I continued to teach at various establishments, as well as giving private tuition. I always had my own classes and my lessons were either taken from the syllabus, based on my own material or built around developing oral skills.


  • Preparing lessons for a range of international students
  • Developing fresh ideas to interest and engage
  • Ensure content appropriate to learners with different religious beliefs and from different cultures
  • Encouraging weaker students and ensuring that stronger students did not dominate
  • Marking work and making recommendations to improve performance





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London, UK






spacerSkills gained:

  • Developed organisation skills by being responsible for content and structure of lessons
  • Learnt to be assertive in order to command respect and get the most out of students
  • Developed communication skills by speaking clearly, giving straightforward instructions and listening to needs of students
  • Learnt how to sensitively deal with different types of learners from a variety cultures

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